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Konic | definition :  “Anything that is otherwise indefinable / defies categorisation”

James Kennedy is a Singer Songwriter, multi-instrumentalist & Producer from South Wales. Formerly the singer / guitarist in the political Alternative Rock band KYSHERA, Kennedy has been releasing music since 2002 as both a band member and as a solo artist. With a wildly eclectic back catalogue including noise music, acoustic, prog rock, grunge, MOR, experimental electronic and orchestral music, Kennedy now fronts the alt rock band, James Kennedy and The Underdogs.

In 2010 Kennedy set up Konic Records, an independent record company & music publisher with a network of partner companies in almost every country worldwide. Having represented many artists since then and having a good track record with sync, Konic Records now exclusively represents Kennedy's back catalogue.

Lyrical themes throughout Kennedy's work include overt political & social commentary, death, meaning, love, vice & empowerment. He is an energetic & captivating performer having toured relentlessly over many years and is an active user of social media.

James has published articles on a range of subjects including the music industry, mental health, politics & gun control and regularly gives talks at events on a variety of issues including Hearing Health & current affairs.

His first book 'Noise Damage : My Life as a Rock'n'Roll Underdog', a 'part memoir, part expose of the music worlds murky underbelly' was published on October 18th 2020.

His latest solo album 'Make Anger Great Again', a political Alt Rock tour de force, was released on September 25th 2020.

James is also the host of the James Kennedy Podcast where he interviews activists, politicians, academics and rock stars each week about the issues of our times. It is available on all podcast platforms including Youtube at :

James Kennedy UK musician and author on stage with band
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