Konic | definition :  “Anything that is otherwise indefinable / defies categorisation”

Referred to as the “Warped Genius” by BBC Radio 1, James Kennedy is a Singer Songwriter, Producer and frontman of Alternative Rock band KYSHERA. James has also written for a diverse range of artists and owns the music Publishing/Sync Company Konic Records. Konic Records has major partner companies in almost every country worldwide and has provided music for TV campaigns by the BBC, Aria Hotels Las Vegas, SAT1 Europe, Koko Bank Taiwan, Syfy USA and many more. ​


As an artist, James has written & produced 3 KYSHERA albums and 3 solo albums, all released through Konic Records. Throughout his catalogue James has written a wide range of music including Alternative/Progressive/Experimental Rock, Acoustic ballads, Orchestral music, extreme experimental electronic music & melodic mainstream Pop/Rock.


Lyrical themes throughout James' work include political & social commentary, life, death, meaning, love, vice & empowerment. James is a tireless & passionate performer having performed well over 1000 shows in many different countries as well as several headline tours of the UK with KYSHERA. His latest solo album ‘Home’ was a Top 50 Best Seller on Amazon and has sold thousands of copies worldwide. ​


James has published articles on a range of subjects including the music industry, mental health politics & gun control and regularly gives talks at events on a variety of issues including Hearing Health & current affairs.


James is also an avid user of Social Media & has a loyal & very engaged global fanbase, known as ‘Misfits’. James does frequent cover songs on his Youtube channel (including covers of artists as diverse as Prince, Soundgarden, The Script, Muse, Sparks, Chris Isaak & more) as well as regular chat videos entitled ‘#Twinterview’ where he answers questions from his 350,000 online followers.

Extensive info, song analysis, enormous picture archive & history on James & his work can be found at the brilliant resource site at www.jameskennedywiki.com

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